Shop. Share.
Earn. Donate.

Discover, shop and share offers from the world’s best brands. Earn money - for yourself and your favourite charity - every time you make a purchase and - or - share links to products you love.

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Be part of the Kindred family and raise money for the charities you care about every time you shop. Be kind. Be Kindred

Why Kindred?

Connects you to offers from the world’s best brands.

Share links to products you love with your friends, family, colleagues and followers by email, text message, social media – however you like.

Donate your earnings to charities you care about

The more you share, the more you earn

Access to exclusive discounts and rewards

Track your sales via your personal dashboard

Digitise authentic word-of-mouth into direct sales with hyper amplification

Pay-For-Performance model is 100% success driven

Track influencers performance with clear ROI sales data

Open up a whole new market for your online sales funnel and connect to charities

Join Kindred’s transparent system with no cost or risk

Unlock the power of nano-influencers AND Stars with huge following

Every transaction on Kindred benefits a charity

Speaks to a new generation who want to give back and do more

A new way for millions to shop, where charities always benefit

Kindred is at the intersection of brand, influencers and charities

Delivers huge exposure to great causes, globally

It’s a new income source for charities

Unlocks unparalleled access to brand partners for talent

Kindred strengthens the Agency/Talent partnership with new opportunities

Easy to use via a dashboard for talent and talent managers

Take all the hassle out of handling payments

Creates a new and increased income stream for talent

Activate your talents following into an army

Giving back to charities has never been so simple

Thoughtful Consumers

Kindred is creating a new global community of thoughtful consumers who want their everyday purchases to mean more.

It's free to join and you can start earning money – for yourself and a charities of your choice – from day one.

Discover Kindred for Something Else

Choose from 50,000 charities

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How does Kindred work?

1 Download the app
2 Connect directly to the brands you love
3 Create and share offers with your followers
4 Earn money from every sale
5 Give money to charities you care about
1 Upload campaign with description and offer
2 Manage the product placement via our dashboard
3 Advocates pick and place the offer across social platforms
4 Advocates paid a percentage, some of which goes to charity
5 The remaining profit from each sale paid directly to you
1 Sign up with Kindred
2 Invite your talent and influencers
3 Get access to our vast brand network
4 Invite your talent to campaigns
5 Track ROI & manage payments via your dashboard

It's really that simple

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