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Kindred opens up entirely new pathways to fundraising, increase awareness and gives your charity previously unattainable levels of engagement and reach. We’re empowering consumers to become Conscious Consumers, with every transaction. Share the love.

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Why Kindred?

Every purchase does good

Every transaction that happens via Kindred benefits a charitable cause.

Enlist millions of fundraisers

Kindred is a new way for millions of people to shop in which charities always benefit. Open up your charity to this army of eager fundraisers.

Kindred gives consumers the opportunity to make measurable and positive impact on charities

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Raise awareness and visibility

Kindred delivers mass market exposure to great causes through hyper-amplification.

Build audience trust and empathy

Kindred harnesses a generation who want to give back and do more. Tap into that energy and allow them to champion your cause.

Today’s consumer wishes to shop with less guilt. Kindred helped create the #consciousconsumer

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Conscious Consumption

Kindred is creating the new global community of conscious consumers who want to do more and give back with their everyday purchases.

It's free to join and you can start doing good from day one.

More than 50,000 charities already involved.