February 6, 2023 - 5 minute read

Empowering Charities through Technology: Jackie Mills on the Power of Kindred for Business

Empowering Charities through Technology- Jackie Mills on the Power of Kindred of Business

One of our beliefs at Kindred is that purpose and profit can blend seamlessly. Every day we are reminded that the home we call Earth needs help, and it needs it quickly. So why not merge innovation with projects to help save the planet and impact communities, whilst also building reputable businesses?  

We sat down with Jackie Mills, our Partnerships Director, to talk about our mission to make it easy for charities to focus on what they do best, helping people and protecting the planet.   

Can you explain how Kindred supports charities? 

If a charity would like their own desktop browser extension or, even better, an app we can integrate our SDK into, they can generate a commission each time their users shop online with one of our partnered merchants. This commission, in turn, is used to generate funding for the charity. Our partnerships with over 115,000 merchants ensure that your users have access to deals from thousands of their favourite online brands, allowing them to easily support causes they care about with every purchase they make.  

Our solution is easy to implement and provides a hassle-free way for charities to raise funds, making a real difference to their causes 365 days a year! 

How it works for apps: 

How Kindred for Business works with Charities - interview with Jackie mills partnerships director

How does Kindred differ from other fundraising methods for charities?

Kindred’s commission model enables charities to generate a steady stream of additional revenue from their app or chrome-browser extension, rather than relying on one-time donations or peak fundraising seasons.  

Data has shown that non-profit organisations raise up to 31% of their funding in December which means for the other 11 months of the year, there’s a huge amount of funding being missed out on that could really drive impact for these charities.  

Additionally, our technology makes it easy to donate. Often when shopping online, some brands may ask if you’d like to donate or ‘round-up’ your order to support a charity. With Kindred it’s automatic and effortless, removing the friction behind any decision-making. Meanwhile, users are already seeing the reward from their good deeds with online savings they’d appreciate. 

How does the integration process work for a charity to start using your SDK? 

To understand how the process works, get in touch today and let’s start working together on a seamless integration! 

What other things does Kindred do to support charities?  

At Kindred, we believe all companies should find ways to give back, not just charities. Fortunately, we have partnered up with amazing brands with the same vision. A great example is our partnership with O2 on the ‘Feel Good Shopping Feature’. 

When O2 FGS users make an online purchase from a partnered merchant, O2 receive a commission on each purchase. O2 decided to put that extra revenue towards reforestation projects. Since last year, O2 has been a roll planting 30,000 trees a month!   

In your opinion, why is it important for businesses to have a giving-back component, especially in today's world? 

Giving back is important for any business because it helps to create a more equitable and just society. By donating a portion of profits to charities, businesses can help to support causes that are important to them and their customers, whilst making a positive impact in their communities. Consumers are no longer thinking transactionally, a company’s values and ethos are now an integral part of consumer decision-making.  

How can charities find out how to work with Kindred to boost their funding and continue doing great work?  

Charities can find out about how to work with Kindred by getting in touch with me at jackie@kindredteam.com or visiting this web page. Make sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with new partnership announcements and the amazing work our team and partners are doing!