March 2, 2024 - 3 minute read

From Vision to Reality: Kindred's Growth to 150 Million Monthly Active Users

London, March 1, 2024 - In a testament to its dedication to innovation and impact, Kindred, the leading force in sustainable e-commerce, has achieved a monumental milestone—150 million monthly active users across 187 countries. This extraordinary accomplishment underscores Kindred's steadfast commitment to driving positive change through innovative technology solutions and global strategic partnerships.

Accelerated Expansion
Just a few short months ago (November 2023), Kindred celebrated a significant milestone with 12.85 million monthly active users. Today, demonstrating its rapid growth and expanding influence, Kindred has surpassed the 150 million mark, firmly establishing itself as a leading force in the realm of tech-driven sustainability. This growth exemplifies the power of collaboration and collective action.

Alongside its remarkable growth, Kindred has partnered with others to deliver sustainable change. With a diverse network of global partners, Kindred has committed to transforming e-commerce into a force for good, planting approximately 1 million trees, further solidifying its commitment to environmental stewardship and corporate social responsibility.

Empowering Business Growth, One Partner at a Time

At the core of Kindred's ascent lies its strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Virgin Media O2, Samsung, and Xiaomi. These collaborations have propelled Kindred's innovative solutions into new markets and expanded its global footprint, particularly in the burgeoning Asia-Pacific region. With each partnership, Kindred enriches its ecosystem, empowering businesses to embrace sustainability and drive meaningful impact.

"At Kindred, our focus on user-centric innovation has fueled remarkable growth in our monthly active users. We're proud to see our platform resonate with millions worldwide, driving positive change at scale."

Mike Gadd Co-Founder and COO, Kindred


Partnering for Progress: Driving Sustainable Change

With over 150,000 advertisers onboard, Kindred continues to forge strategic alliances with leading brands, telecom giants, and media companies. Together, Kindred and its partners are creating a global impact, reaching more than 150 million users in 187 countries across the globe with their innovative technology.

In the face of the cost-of-living crisis, Kindred is making a difference by helping millions save money and navigate financial challenges. Through our platform, users access exclusive deals, stretching their budgets and aiding them through the cost-of-living crisis. With a focus on sustainability, every transaction contributes to a better future for all.

Driven by purpose and fuelled by collaboration, Kindred's growth to 150 million monthly active users reflects the collective efforts of its global business community. With each partner, alliance, and expansion, Kindred continues to redefine the boundaries of sustainable commerce, shaping a future where business success and social responsibility go hand in hand. Get in touch to learn more today.

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