September 23, 2022 - 4 minute read

Kindred for Business announces Earthmark Partnership

Kindred for Business announces Earthmark Partnership

The Earthmark Sustainability Score will be available to Kindred’s App partners via the Kindred SDK & API products, helping their App partners users make more environmentally positive purchasing decisions every day. 

In April, we entered an exciting partnership with Earthmark, providing Kindred's App Partners with an easy-to-understand environmental supply chain score across hundreds of online merchants and retails.  

The new scoring system will help Kindred’s App partners build effective CSR initiatives, empowering their customers & users to shop sustainably. We believe this will be a vital step in the battle against merchant greenwashing, with research showing that more than half of consumers (53%) struggle to differentiate between genuinely sustainable products and those making false environmental claims. 

Aggregated from publicly available business data, corporate climate targets, ESG ratings and carbon footprint data, the Earthmark score will be made available via our Software Development Kit (SDK) allowing our app Partners to easily build it into their own sustainability initiatives and loyalty mechanisms, both in app and online.  

Commenting on the new partnership, Aaron Simpson, our founder and chairman said: 

“The Earthmark rating is our latest innovation to help our App Partners be more environmentally focused. As a technology provider, Kindred has been helping some of the UK’s biggest App’s create CSR loyalty initiatives that rewards users as they shop online and promotes climate positive actions via reforestation or carbon capture projects. 

Our partnership with Earthmark is the next step on this journey, empowering consumers to not only offset the impact of their online purchases, but now enable them to leave a lighter footprint on the planet by educating them on the merchants with a high sustainability score.” 

Jack Linnet, CEO of Earthmark added:  

“Just as price or sizing are clearly labelled on products today, consumers want to know the environmental impact of their purchases. Greenwashing has made it harder than ever to get a clear view of who is helping the planet and who is holding us back.  

Earthmark sets out to address that issue head on, doing for sustainability and merchant supply chain’s what Trustpilot has done for product reviews. Our partnership with Kindred will help us achieve this vision, enabling us to reach millions of new shoppers around the world.” 

Through the Kindred for Business SDK & API products, businesses can integrate our technology into their own apps, making the Earthmark scoring system available to thousands of consumers across the UK. As a user shops online using their mobile browser, an Earthmark score will appear alongside a deal for the user to enable. Educating the user before buying, and then ensuring the purchase has a positive climate impact. App developers can then show the user how many trees, or how much CO2 they have captured through their online shopping inside their app as a form of gamification and loyalty, improving App MAU’s (Monthly Active users).  

This really is a win win for users, app partners, merchants and most importantly our planet. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how our SDK and API products can help your company achieve their sustainability initiatives, visit this page